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Yes, dermal fillers are usually noticeable immediately, but the full results may take time to develop. While patients may see an instant improvement, there may also be swelling or increased bruising that can temporarily mask the final results.

Do I see results right away after fillers?

PRF injections are generally very safe procedures. Temporary swelling and bruising, lasting 3-5 days, may occur. Like all injections, there is a risk of pain and redness at the injection site. Since PRF utilizes the patient's own blood product, there are no immunogenic reactions.

Is PRF safe?

It's advisable to wait 2-3 weeks before and after dental work to undergo filler treatment.

When can I do filler after dental work?

Bruising and swelling are common side effects of lip filler treatment. The lips have many nerve endings and blood capillaries, making bruising difficult to avoid. When the injection needle punctures the lips and damages a blood vessel, the body's natural response is to send white blood cells to repair the damage, causing bruising. Bruising and swelling typically last 3-5 days. Aftercare tips include using cold compresses, Arnica gel/cream, and avoiding alcohol and vigorous exercise.

Do I bruise with lip fillers?

Neurotoxins typically begin to work 3-5 days after injection, with the full toxin effect taking up to 14 days to see final results.

When should I see results with Botox?

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